Lisa Tate

First Impressions

Lisa Tate is adorable. That much you can tell from the first time you see her picture on the tour. Speaking of which, the site opens with a welcome video where Lisa talks about her site and shows off her tits in a sheer top. Browse down a little and you´ll see another picture of her hot tits. They look incredibly perky and her nipples look delectable. It seems as though she likes to do both cute teen girl galleries and sexy seductive babe galleries by posing in lingerie and the like. I´m looking forward to scoping things out.

Hot Promises

When Lisa Tate turned 19 she turned her exhibitionist tendencies into a business by starting her own site and modeling in her favorite lingerie sets and her cutest outfits before stripping naked and showing her naked body. There are pussy pictures right on the tour so you know the sexy babe is getting naked and baring all inside. Her tits are her most impressive feature from what I´ve seen so far and her lace lingerie in particular is sexy. I think it´s time to go inside and see what Lisa Tate has to offer us.


Lisa gets right down to business in the member´s area by showing thumbnails from the ten latest picture sets along with links. Click a thumb and you´ll be looking at a hot set of this busty teen. The latest set is the only one that´s dated so it´s impossible to tell how often Lisa adds new content or whether she does at all (sometimes these sites aren´t completely honest about such things). I clicked on a picture of Lisa wearing a black baby doll and was rewarded with a full gallery of her in the sheer lingerie. She was posing against the stucco wall of her house and modeling her flawless body while teasingly lifting the lingerie over her stomach and tits. She was also wearing a pair of black panties with white ruffles that were quite alluring.

Coming off that sexy lingerie gallery I was riding high on Lisa Tate. How can you not love a girl with a body as sexy as hers and a the desire to model her lingerie for the world to see´ Next I headed into the picture galleries and found 45 sets waiting for me. Each has 50-100 images at 1100px and each set follows a fairly simple pattern. The gallery begins with Lisa posing in a cute outfit or a lingerie set and then she slowly strips while striking a series of alluring poses. Sometimes the clothes come all the way off and sometimes she just pulls her panties aside to show us her pussy or pulls down her bra to show us her tits.

I like that she bounces between posing in something naughty and sexy and posing in something cute like a typical teen girl. By that I mean a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt or jeans and a long sleeve top. She´s almost always smiling because that´s what she does best and her naked body looks flawless every time out. In one gallery she brings out a schoolgirl uniform and looks quite marvelous. With her hair in pigtails she´s wearing a plaid skirt, knee high socks and a white blouse tied up under her tits. She looks tight and cute and then she gets naked and we see her perky titties and tight tummy.

Let´s take a minute to talk about Lisa Tate´s body because it´s the best reason to join her site and stick around as a member. It all begins with her tits, which are perky C cups. Her nipples seem to be perpetually erect and it´s hard not to think about having a lick or tugging on them a little. Her tummy is tight but maintains a look of softness that you associate with an adorable teen babe. Her pussy lips are the most beautiful I´ve ever seen. She has one of those pussies where it seems to fold inward so if she puts on a pair of tight panties she has the best cameltoe ever. Finally her legs are long, slim and sexy.

In one of Lisa´s hottest sets she´s outdoors in a sheer slip and a tiny thong. You can see her tits through the lingerie and as always they´re sitting high and looking good. I´m a sucker for sheer lingerie and this is one of the finest examples of it I´ve seen so I´m partial to the set. The sign of a truly sexy girl is whether or not she can make a t-shirt look hot and Lisa pulls it off on multiple occasions. In one it´s a beige t-shirt with a Hello Kitty logo on the front and her tits are practically tearing through the cotton to get out. She´s also wearing a sheer thong to make the perfect casual posing set.

Lisa has what I would consider to be a perfect bikini body so it´s a little disappointing we don´t see her modeling swimwear more often. There´s one gallery where she´s in the pool wearing a green and white bikini and looking pretty darn good. Sadly, the lighting is bad and a lot of the pictures are blurry so the camera man must have been moving a lot or drunk. More than anything Lisa Tate does lingerie posing really well. She always looks drop dead gorgeous in her sexy sets and that´s due entirely to the tightness and beauty of her body. When you have perky tits almost all lingerie looks good because they´re sitting so high. If you like teen chicks with perky tits then you can´t do much better than Lisa Tate.

Lisa has a video section as well but it´s miserably small. Given the number of picture sets I was sure she would have at least a decent number of movies but there are only two. The fact that they´re incredibly hot only makes it sadder that she didn´t produce more videos. In the first she fucks her pussy with a dildo, sliding it right inside as the camera captures the action. In the second she´s fingering her pussy and you can hear a distinct sloshing sound as she jams two digits up in there. Make sure you download them if you join because they´re totally worth it. The friends section features four galleries from other chicks and the bonus content is rubbish leased streaming stuff so don´t even pay attention to it.

Croco´s Opinion

Lisa Tate has such a fabulous body that the shortcomings of her site don´t really mean much. Her breasts are perky C cups with perpetually hard nipples, her tummy is tight and tanned, her legs are long and sexy and her pussy lips are perfect. She shows them off in every scene and in a few instances you´ll get to see something slide inside. There are 45 picture galleries and only 2 videos and I´m fairly certain the site is no longer updated based on a little research. Still, this girl is fantastically gorgeous and there are so many hot lingerie galleries in the member´s area you will feel like you spent your money well if you join up.


The member´s area is compact and well designed so browsing is easy.

Pricing Policy

$29.95 every 30 days recurring.

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